I'm David, your photographer.

I've always been fascinated with images and the way the familiar can be transformed into the extraordinary. I believe that photography can be more than simply a record of reality. We have our camera phones and Facebook photos that document the moments of our lives. The photos I take, however, will continue to show you something that touches a place deep inside you both now and for years to come. It is that excitement, the gasps, the “oohs” and “ahs”, that visceral reaction when you see beautiful images of your children and your family--that’s what I’m after.The launch of D Star Photography is the realization of a dream. It is the fulfillment of goal set years ago to harness my passion and my creative skills to develop a full-service photography studio. I am still dreaming that dream and I’m not sure exactly where it will take me. I want to include you to be a part of my dream and I hope that my camera and I can be part of an ever growing relationship with you and your family.
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